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Stock Overview

The Stock Overview tool provides investors with a straightforward and accurate way to quickly and easily determine the overall financial health of a business. 

Opening Stock Overview

You can access this powerful tool by simply clicking on the Fundamental Tab in your software and selecting Stock Overview.


From here, it’s simply a matter of entering in the stock you are interested in, and you will then receive a Health Ranking


Click Ok to open the Stock Overview details screen.

Stock Overview Details

Users can obtain further fundamental insight as additional Key Ratios and figures are provided below the Health Ranking.


Based on a wide array of Key Fundamental Criteria, the tool seeks to evaluate companies according to such critical features such as cash flow, profitability and debt. All items are collated and converted into an easy to read score, which rates the fundamental health of a company between 0 and 10.

Companies below 5 fail to meet most benchmarks and hence can be considered to be of lesser fundamental quality.  Such a company would represent a higher risk investment.  Conversely, companies that receive a higher score can be regarded to be of a higher quality from a fundamental perspective, and hence represent less risk than their lower ranked counterparts.

It is advisable that you seek to confirm your trade selections by checking other important factors, such as Elliott Wave counts and other Key Technical Indicators.  For those looking to conduct more detailed fundamental analysis, we recommend ValueGain which provides all available Fundamental Data for every listed United States and Australian company.

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