Ratio Analysis

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Ratio Analysis tabbed page

The Ratio Analysis tabbed page is similar in layout to the Reported Data page but in place of a list of fundamental data types, it has a list of Ratios organized into Groups of ratio types:

Select a Group to view the ratios associated with that group in the Ratios list below the Groups list.

Select a ratio from the Ratios list to view a table and graph of the results for the current Stock's fundamental data.

Data Table

The table displays the results for the number of previous years (or interim periods, if this is set to display) set in the Fundamental tab of Application Settings.

The data period is specified as at the company's result in the Value column, and the Industry (Sector) Average in the Average column.

The Industry Benchmark for the selected ratio is displayed in an information message at the top of the Data Table.

The company's performance against the Industry Benchmark is displayed in the Test Result column on the right edge of the Data Table. The results are color coded: PASS, FAIL or NO INFO

Data Graph

Both the table and graph employ the Industry Average to analyze the company's results.

The graph displays the industry average as either a pink line superimposed on the blue bars of the company results (in flat view mode) or as pink column immediately to the right of the blue company result column (in 3D view mode).

The graph in the above example is in 3D view style. To change the display to Flat display, go to the Fundamental tab of the Application Settings.

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