Financial Statements

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Financial Statements tabbed page

This tabbed page displays a number of Financial Statements for the selected stock.

Financial Statements from previous years can also be selected for retrieval and display.

Statement Types

The following Financial Statements are compiled for the currently selected stock:

Balance Sheet

Profit/Loss Statement

Cash Flow Statement

Select a statement type from the Reports list, the statement will be generated using the fundamental data current to the Last Reported date shown in the function bar and displayed in the window on the right.

Scope of Statement

By default the statements show the last five years of data (when available).

The exact year or years to be displayed can also be set by the user.

Select Show Selected Years Only and click Add button, the Add dialog box will open.



Printing facilities are also available from the Actions section of this tabbed page.

Click Print Selected Report and the print dialog for the default printer will open, click OK to begin printing.

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