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Experts Analysis tabbed page

The Experts Analysis tabbed page displays the results of an analysis of the selected stock by the expert selected in the Experts list on the left margin of the tabbed page.


Select a Stock

The first step is to select the stock that to be analyzed in the Single Stock Analysis (SSA) tabbed pages.

This stock will populate the results for all of the tabbed pages in the SSA work page.

Select an Expert

The Experts are divided into three expert groups: Growth Investor, Value Investor and Income Investor.

For each group, the overall group score will appear in its name bar. The score will be displayed as a pink graph and as a numeric percentage:

Display all experts (select All in the drop down menu), or only the those from a particular group using the View Group drop down menu.

Each expert will be listed, and that individual expert's score for the stock will displayed as a blue graph and as a numeric percentage:

Select an expert from the list to display more details about the criteria the expert uses in his analysis, and how that criteria is applied to the current stock.

Select the question mark icon butn_questionmark.gif before the expert's name to open a descriptive dialog box telling more about the expert or process:

Use the scroll bar on the right margin of the text to view the entire article.

Display Expert's Criteria

When an expert is selected from the expert's list, all of the criteria used in his analysis will be listed in the Expert's Criteria list, immediately to the right of the expert selection area.

Each criteria has been developed by the individual expert. Often they are complex algorithms using a number of financial analysis ratios and a variety of fundamental data.

The result for the individual criteria as applied to the current stock is indicated by a color-coded icon at the beginning of the criteria's tag and a text description at the end.

The overall result is not necessarily a strait percentage of those that pass compared to those that fail. Some of the criteria are assigned greater weight than others, therefore it is often difficult to see the exact correlation the individual criteria's scores to the individual experts final score for the stock.

However, for each criteria users can get more information on how it is applied by clicking on the criteria tag and viewing its detailed explanation in the area immediately below the Expert's Criteria list, see the next section of this help topic..

Analyze Individual Criteria Results

Single left-mouse click on a tag in the Experts Criteria list and details of the result will be displayed in the pane at the lower right:

The criteria's name, Test Result, and  Value of the result will be displayed first.

Next will be an explanation of how the criteria was applied to the stock, and a description of which results are satisfactory and why.

An explanation of the expert's rationale or objective in using the particular criteria is also often included in a second paragraph.

Key Figures

Key Fundamental Data values for the selected stock are displayed in the Key Figures section.

This data is static for each stock and will not change when a new Expert or a different criteria is selected.

The data displayed will change when a new stock is selected.

Key Figures for both the stock's Company, as well as averages for the Industry sector that the company is in, will be displayed.

For each result, the particular Unit that it is expressed in will be indicated in the end column.

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