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Company Events Calendar tabbed page

Another of the Single Stock Analysis (SSA) tabbed pages is the Company Events Calendar.

Either choose the Events Calendar tab to open the calendar for the current stock being viewed on another SSA, or select a stock and market and click Go.

Your SOFTWARE will retrieve all announcements in the Street Events Data format for a period 3 months before the Last Reported Data date, and three months ahead from that date and display them on the Events Calendar Details Table.

Display Controls

The events can be sorted by clicking on one of the five heading in the table, the order will toggle between ascending and descending.

The events can also be sorted by Event Type. One event type at a time can be selected for display from the selector panel in the lower left corner, or all events can be shown in the Show All default viewing mode.

The selection of events will depend on the Street Data types returned for the day. The array of types will change for each day as a selection check-box and label will only appear if there is data of that type available to display.

Access More Information

Open On-Line Link

Click on the View Online link in the URL column to open additional information about the event in a web-browser. A separate internet window will open, it will not interfere with Your SOFTWARE's operation.

Companies that have on-line information available will be identified by a small globe in front of their symbol in the table, as well as by the link in the URL column.

Open a Different SSA Tabbed Page

Select one of the other SSA tabs to display more details for the current company in any one of other five Single Stock Analysis tabbed pages.

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