Company Comparison

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Company Comparison tabbed page

The Company Comparison tabbed page allows users to compare the SSA's current company with any number of other companies.

Select Companies

Add or Remove additional companies in the Symbols selection area at the top left corner of the work page.

Select Ratios

Select the ratios to be used in the comparison table from the Items list.

Check the check-box in front of the ratios to be displayed.

Select Clear All from the Actions section to clear the selected ratios' check-boxes and the comparison table.

Note - This will not clear the companies selection, select a company and use the Remove button in the symbols section to delete companies from the comparison.

Ratio Results Table

Each of the results for the selected ratios and companies will be displayed in the data table at the top of the Comparison Sheet.

Each company has a row of data.

Each ratio has a column of data.

Individual Ratio Graphs

Select a column to display the results for that ratio in the graph at the bottom of  the Comparison Sheet.

The graph in the above example is in 3D display style. To change the display to Flat view, go to the Fundamental tab of the Application Settings.

Print / Export

Select the Print comparison sheet command to open the current default printer dialog. Click OK to print the sheet.

Select the MS Excel Format command to export the comparison data table to an Excel™ spreadsheet.

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