Fundamental Analysis

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Fundamental Analysis

Click on the Fundamental tool bar button to display links to all the fundamental analysis screens:


The button contains links to both the Start Page, the Detailed Information sub-menu containing the five Single Stock Analysis (SSA) tabbed pages and the Company Comparison tabbed page, as well as the Company Events and Market Events Calendars.

Click on any of the commands in the Fundamental button's menu above to go to a short description of the screen below.

Other Fundamental Data Sites

Fundamental data is also employed in the following locations:

The seven SuperValue Calculators use fundamental analyses to calculate hypothetical market values for the stock of individual companies.

Pre-computed Scans

Results of the Fundamental Experts pre-computed scan types are available for immediate download.

Users can set market scans using Fundamental Data criteria or Fundamental Experts criteria. Each criteria can be used with other fundamental criteria or other criteria types such as chart, indicators, etc.


The Company Announcements Hi-Lite allows users to insert icons in a company's price chart indicating the point at which earnings announcements were made. A table can also be displayed with the details of each announcement.

Fundamental Data

All of the SSA screens, and many other Fundamental Analysis Tools in ValueGain such as the SuperValue Calculators, rely on high quality Fundamental Data to function correctly.

Most Fundamental Data is gleaned from company's financial statements, collected and consolidated in standardized formats, and delivered via the HUBB server.

A thorough description of these processes, together with information on the source of Your SOFTWARE's fundamental data and its distribution and maintenance, can be viewed in the Fundamental Data Overview topic.

Fundamentals Start Page

tolbutn_fundastartpgsmall.pngValueGain's Start Page screen can be displayed by selecting the Start Page command from the Fundamental tool button menu.

It has two sections: Pre-computed Scan Results on the left margin of the work page, and the Individual Results Display of selected fundamental data and the actual price charts for individual stocks on the right side of the work page.

Both the display of the scan results, as well as abbreviated summaries of the results of various expert's opinions, is organized in terms of Fundamental Analysis model groups, each of which is divided further into individual analyses and results based on individual Experts associated with each of those broad schools.

The Start Page also contains a number of links to the four Single Stock Analysis (SSA) tabbed pages as well as the Company Comparison tabbed page.

Pre-computed Scan Results

Located on the left margin of the Start Page, the Pre-computed List section provides a convenient access point to pre-computed fundamental scan results.

Pre-computed Fundamental Scans are scans that are performed daily by data technicians at HUBB Financial on all markets. The scans are based on parameters and settings used by some of the most famous traders from a number of different fundamental analysis models.

The scans are run daily at the market close of each market and the results are saved to the HUBB server.

When users open ValueGain's Start Page, the most recent Fundamental Scan Results are downloaded and displayed.

The scan results are organized into Markets, Groups of Experts and Individual Expert Models.

When an Individual Expert is selected, the results of scans using that expert's analysis models and parameters for the selected market are displayed in the Symbols list.

Select an individual symbol from the list to view its details in the remainder of the work page, to the right.

For more information, go to the Start Page topic or the Pre-computed Scans Overview topic.

Individual Stock Results Display

When the Symbols list in the Pre-computed List section is populated with scan results, by default the details for the first symbol are displayed in the various tables and graphs on the right hand side of the Start Page.

Click on another result in the Symbols List to view its details on the right of the page.

Note - If the symbol has not previously been viewed, the download of fundamental data may take a short period. There is much more data involved in a fundamental download than there is for a price chart.

The following tables and graphs will be populated using the fundamental data for the selected symbol:

  • Experts Analysis
  • Brokers Recommendations
  • Key Figures
  • Price Data
  • Earnings Per Share
  • Dividends Per Share

For more information on all content and functionality, go to the Fundamental Start Page topic.

Single Stock Analysis (SSA) Work Page

Select a stock from the Symbols list on the Fundamentals Start Page and its details will populate the tables and graphs on the right side of the work page.

That stock will also populate the tabbed pages of the Single Stock Analysis work page.

Open the work page by selecting any of the tabbed pages' icons on the Fundamentals Start Page's function bar:

The Single Stock Analysis (SSA) work page can also be opened by double left-mouse clicking on a stock in the Symbols list on the Fundamentals Start Page. This will have the dual effect of changing the current stock and opening the Single Stock Analysis work page at the Experts Analysis tabbed page.

For a full description of all methods of accessing the SSA work pages, go to the Single Stock Analysis Page overview topic.

Change Stock

The selected stock can be changed using the common Symbol Selector at the top left of the work page's function bar.

Enter a new symbol and click the Refresh button to apply that stock to all the tabbed pages of the SSA.

The SSA work page contains five tabbed pages:

Experts Analysis

The Experts Analysis tabbed page displays the results of an analysis of the selected stock by the expert selected in the Experts list on the left margin of the tabbed page.

The Experts are divided into three expert groups: Growth, Value and Income

Display all experts or only the those from a particular school using the View Group drop down menu.

When an expert is selected the following analyses will be displayed.

Experts Criteria

In the top of the tabbed page the ratios used by the expert in his/her analysis are listed along with whether the stock is Pass/Fail for that ratio.

Test Result

Click on a ratio in the Experts Criteria list and details of the result will be displayed in the pane at the lower right.

The Test Result, Value and a summary of the criteria applied by the ratio will be displayed.

Key Figures for the selected stock are also displayed, this data is part of the basic Fundamental Data used to calculate each expert's analysis. This data display is the same for each expert, and changes for each stock.

Click here to go to the Experts Analysis Page screen topic.

Financial Statements

This tabbed page displays financial statements for the selected stock.

The following Financial Statements are compiled for the currently selected stock:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit/Loss Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement

By default the statements show the last five years of data (when available).

The exact year or years to be displayed can also be set by the user.

Printing and Export facilities (to Excel) are also available from this tabbed page.

Click here to go to the Financial Statements Page screen topic.

Reported Data

The Reported Data page contains a list of Fundamental Data types and Analysis Ratios that use the fundamental data.

Click on a link in the Reported Items list on the left margin of the tabbed page to display a table and graph of that data for the current stock in the two panes on the right.

Click here to go to the Reported Data Page screen topic.

Ratios Analysis

The Ratio Analysis page is similar in layout to the Reported Data page but in place of a list of fundamental data types, it has a list of Ratios organized into Groups of ratio types.

Select a Group to view the ratios associated with that group.

Select a ratio from the Ratios list to view a table and graph of the result when the current Stock's fundamental data is applied to the ratio.

Click here to go to the Ratio Analysis screen topic.

Company Comparison

The Company Comparison table is included on a tabbed page in the SSA work page because the stock selected for the other SSA pages is always one of the stocks included by default for the comparison.

Users add stocks to be compared with the default stock. Any number of stocks can be added.

Select the reported fundamental data that is to be compared from the Items list by checking the box in front of each item.

Select Build Comparison Sheet in the Actions section to create a table in the Comparison Sheet in the top right hand corner of the tabbed page.

The table in the Comparison Sheet has a row for each stock selected in the Symbols pane, and a column for each reported fundamental data type selected from the Items list.

Click on a column to have its data graphically displayed in the graph in the lower right corner of the tabbed page.

To make a new or altered comparison, click Clear All to start from scratch, or add/remove new Symbols and/or select/de-select Items and click Build Comparison Sheet again.

Printing and Export facilities (to Excel) are also available from this tabbed page.

For more information, go to the Company Comparison tabbed page's topic.

Company Events Calendar

The Company Events Calendar gives a display of all company events for 3 months before, and 3 months after, the current date.

The events are arranged in groups and the calendar can be sorted by group or all events can be viewed at the same time and be sorted by date, alphabetically, etc.

Links to internet resources are also provided for some companies.

For more information, go to the Company Events Calendar tabbed page's topic.

Market Events Calendar

The Market Events Calendar display all company events for the US and Australian market one day at time.

The date required is selected using a calendar picker.

A number of helpful tools are included to sort the data.

The data is provided by Thompson Financial Street Events data type.

For more information, go to the Market Events Calendar tabbed page's topic.

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