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Walk Through Analysis

Walk Through mode is a teaching aid, helping users to understand the calculation and application of indicators and Hi-Lites to price charts, as well as the construction of charts themselves.

The mode enables you to select a point on a chart and then move forward at single interval increments.

The actual price data is graphed as you move forward (or backward), and Indicators and Hi-Lites applied to the chart will display as they are plotted for the new data for each interval. In this way you can learn how the tools interact with the data and gain important price pattern recognition skills.

Using the Walk Through Mode

There are two ways to open a Price Chart in the Walk Through mode.

  1. New Charts Dialog
  2. Walk Through Button

Open Using New Charts Dialog

The Walk Through mode can be opened via the New Charts dialog.

Click on the Charts icons and select New Price Chart from the drop down menu:


The New Price chart dialog will open.  Select the Open in Backtest check box to enable the Walk Through mode.


Select a date in the past using the Date Picker control. 

Then click on Ok to open the chart in backtest mode with the Walk Through mode enabled.

Open Using Walk Through Button

To use the feature, open the chart you wish to walk through and select the Walk Through function button from the Function Bar menu.


Drag the cursor to position it exactly where you want the walk through to begin.

Single mouse-click again to set the entry point.

The Walk Through Controls

The chart data from the selected date forward disappears, and the Walk Through Controls are displayed in the bottom left hand corner:


Use the controls to step through the chart.

The controls operate as follows:


Move to the first date of the available data


Move back one week


Move back one day


Move forward one day


Move forward one week


Move to the last date of the available data

As you step through the chart the data will be added or removed.

All Indicators and Hi-Lites will be applied as the data is displayed.

Single left mouse-click to move one step at a time, or hold the mouse button down on a Walk Through Control to stream the walk-through.

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