Chart Series Properties

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Chart Series Properties

Use the Chart Series Properties dialog box, see below, to change the appearance and properties of the base symbol (base series) display on the price chart.

To change the background, appearance of axis, or other display of the overall chart window, use the Chart Properties dialog box.

Accessing the Chart Series Dialog box


To open a chart series' dialog box, the chart series itself must first be selected.

Single right mouse-click on any part of the chart in the work area, or on its legend label in the top left hand corner of the work area, ‘handles’ will appear on the graphic and its label.

Double Mouse-Click

After the item is selected, double left mouse-click to open its properties dialog box directly.

Open via Pop-Up Menu

Alternatively, right mouse-click the selected chart to first open the series' pop-up menu. A link to the chart's Properties dialog will always be the first command on the pop-up menu:


Click on the Properties command to open the chart series' dialog box.

Series Properties Dialog Box

Each price chart type has its own Series Properties dialog box, but each shares many common features.

The following example is of the Series Properties dialog box for a Bar chart type:


The dialog box will open and float above the work area. Drag its title bar with the mouse to reposition it. It cannot be resized.

Make changes on any of the tabbed pages and then click OK to apply the changes.

Tabbed Pages

All chart Series Properties boxes have the first three tabbed pages: Settings, Scale Settings and Scale Appearance.

Line and Point and Figure chart types have an additional tabbed page: Parameters.

Settings tabbed page

These commands manage the color of the line, bars, candlesticks or circle and crosses which form the principle display of the base series.


The simplest method is to use a single color for the entire series. Select Use Single Color for Bars to choose this display.

Note - Line charts use the Other Settings commands to adjust color, weight and line style.

An alternative method of coloring the series is available for bar type charts (Bar, Candlestick, Gann Bar and Point and Figure) based on the direction of price movement.

Different colors can be selected to indicate the direction the market is moving for each interval.

Select Use Up/Down Color for Bars to assign a color to upward or downward moving intervals.

The exact method by which the direction for an interval is determined can also be specified. The drop-down list contains a number of different methods, for example Close in Relation to Open, or Close in Relation to Previous Close.

Other Settings

Use the Other Settings commands to adjust color, weight and line style for Line charts

Scale Settings tabbed page

Automatic Scale

Check Automatic Scale and the series will have its own price scale.

Check Auto Top/Bottom and the chart will be stretched to the limits of the current view. Set a specific view range by un-checking the Auto Top/Bottom check-boxes and entering a range into the two text-boxes.

Checking the Auto Minimum/Maximum Unit check-boxes will automatically create a intervals in the price scale. Users can un-check these and enter their own preferred intervals instead.

Link to Another Series Price Scale

If there is another price scale overlaid on the series basis, its scale can be used by the base series chart. This will greatly enhance users ability to compare prices, especially when resizing the chart and zooming into it, etc. Note that the overlaid chart can also be linked to the base series, and vice-versa.

Other Scale Settings

Inverted and Logarithmic scale settings are also available. Check the check-box to turn these functions on for the base series. These changes will only affect the selected series, even when they are linked to each other.

Scale Appearance tabbed page

The location, font color and decimal places of the Y-Axis (Price axis) of the series chart can be set from this tabbed page.

Other price axis display parameters are set in the Right of Left Price Axis Properties dialog box.

Click on the axis to open the dialog box in which you can change the following items: visibility and width, horizontal grid display, color and style, and the font's type, style and size.

Parameters tabbed page

The Line and Point and Figure chart types have an additional tabbed page: Parameters.

For Line charts the Data Field used to plot the line can be selected from the drop-down list. The default is Close.

For Point and Figure charts the Box Size and Reversal Count  used to display the chart can be specified. Type whole numbers into the respective text boxes.

Save as Default

In order to apply a newly defined look and feel to all new series chart of the current type, click the Defaults button on the right margin of the Series Properties dialog box. The current settings will be saved as the new default.

The operation and result of changing the default setting is explained in the Defaults topic.

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