Price Data Bar

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Price Data bar


The Price Data bar is positioned above the Price Chart and contains price and trade information about the base symbol.

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The Price data bar displays the currently charted Symbol, its Open, High, Low, Close & Volume values for a given date as well as the Change Since last close and Percentage Value of that change.
The closing price is highlighted in yellow.

Show Last

As well as the aforementioned features the Price Data Bar is also home to the Show Last button.
The Show Last button, when selected, will force the Price Data Bar to display the most recent values only.

When unselected, the Price Data Bar will display the values as of the date where the mouse cursor is on the chart.

Decimal Precision

The precision of the decimal placing is customizable via the Chart Series Properties.

These properties may be accessed by right clicking on a chart bar and selecting the Bar Properties option


You may modify the Decimal Places box within the Scale Appearance tab


Once done you can select to Apply Decimal Places to Chart Databar and save the changes as default



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