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Overlay Another Chart

The Overlay Charts feature allows you to layer a number of symbols on a single chart for accurate comparison of performance over time. The Overlay Charts feature can be used with any chart type, however optimum results are achieved by using a line chart.

To start, create a chart for the first symbol you wish to view. Select Line as the Chart Type.

Then click on the Charts icon from the toolbar and enter the next symbol you wish to view. Again, select Line as the Chart Type.

Select Overlay Chart then click OK.


Before the overlay is plotted to the existing chart, the location of the overlaid chart's Price Scale must be designated.

The following Price Scale Location dialog box will open:


Select where you want the scale of the overlaid chart to be displayed:

Display on Left

Displays the scale of the new symbol on the left of the chart.

Display on Right

Displays the scale of the new symbol on the right of the chart along with the existing scale.

Do Not Display

Does not display the scale of the new symbol at all.

Once you have selected your option, click on OK to close the window and display your chart.

Scale Settings

To align the charts on the same scale, click on either chart or chart label. Right mouse click and select Line Properties from the pop-up menu.

From the Series Properties dialog box click on the Scale Settings tab, and then click on the Link to Another Series Price Scale radio button.

By default [None] will be set as the linked series.

Select the series you want to link to from the drop down menu.


The charts for the two instruments will now be aligned on the same price scale.

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