Floating Data Window

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Floating Data Window

The Floating Data Window displays the data used to create the base symbol of the chart page.

As the cursor moves across the chart, the data for the interval over which the cursor passes is displayed.


Click the Data button butn_datawindow.gif in the chart page's Function Bar to display the Data Window.

Standard Contents

The window displays the following information for the point on the chart where the cursor is located.

All data displayed relates to the base symbol.


On a daily chart this shows the interval's date. For other chart intervals (weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly) the last day of the interval is displayed.


These are the prices for the day's trading.

For today's data, the Close will change as the last reported trade changes. When the exchange closes for that day, the final closing price will be established and displayed.


Volume is the number of shares or contracts traded on the indicated day.

Open Interest

Open Interest relates to options and futures contracts only. For shares this will always be zero.

Other Data Displayed

The Data Window will also display other data which is being used by the chart page to generate displays.

In general this is the exact data displayed by Indicators. In the above example data generated by the Moving Average and Direction Movement Index indicators is displayed.

When indicators are deleted from the chart the data display will also be removed from the floating data window.

No data is displayed for Drawing Tools or overlaid charts.

Display Controls

Reposition / Resize

You can drag this window by its title bar to reposition it, or resize it by clicking and dragging on the edges of the pane.

Hide / Show

Close the window by clicking the close icon on the top right corner, or toggle the Data button in the chart window Function Bar.

Pressing F5 on the keyboard will also turn this window on or off (unless this key has been specifically assigned to a different function on the local PC).

Properties Dialog

The background color and font color can be changed in the Data Window Properties dialog box:


To open the dialog box, right mouse click anywhere on the floating data window and select Properties from the pop-up menu.

Select a new background color or font color using the drop down color selectors.

Check the Auto Resize check-box if you want the window to always display in its smallest possible size.

Use the Defaults button to save the new color scheme and resize setting as the default for the floating Data Window.

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