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Cross Hair Properties

The Cross Hair viewing tool allows users to rapidly identify exact price levels and dates for any point on a price chart.

Click the Cross Hairs icon butn_xhairs.gif in the chart function bar to activate the feature.

Using the Cross Hairs

crosshairs.gifSimply move your cursor over the price chart and (depending on the settings, see below) the cross hairs will cross at the cursor, and display the date on the x-axis and the price on the y-axis.

Various aspects of the cross hair display can be set by the user, see Cross Hair Settings, below.

Effect on other Functionality

While the cross hairs function is on you will not be able to resize and drag the chart. It will be as if the chart is Locked.

To return to normal operation, toggle the cross hairs icon off.

Cross Hair Settings

Right mouse click anywhere on an open price chart to open the Chart Pop-up menu.

Click its second command, Cross Hair Properties, to open the Configure Crosshair dialog box:


Settings tabbed page

The Settings tabbed page controls the display of the Date and Price Windows on the margins of the chart as well as the horizontal price and vertical date grid lines superimposed on the chart itself.

Display Control

The display of any of the four elements can be toggled on or off by checking/un-checking its check-box.

Window Color

The color of the Date or Price window background can be changed in this text box.

Click the down-arrow to open the standard color picker.

Depending on the Window Color selected, the color of the text in the window may need to be altered. For information on changing the font color, see the Font section below

Line Weighting

The thickness of the Cross Hairs lines can be changed by selecting a different width from the drop-down menu.

Font tabbed page

The font for the display of dates and prices is controlled by the Font tabbed page.

The chart's current font can be selected, or a special font exclusively of the month's display can be created.

Font type, style, and size can be altered by selecting from each text box's drop-down menu.

Select a color from the drop-down color palette, or create a new color using the custom color picker.

Defaults button

The changes made can be saved as the default for the Cross Hairs by clicking the Defaults button and using the standard default setting procedure.

Once you have made any changes, click on OK to save, or Cancel to discard any changes.

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