Change Chart Type

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Changing the Chart Type

To change the chart type of the currently displayed chart, select the chart series. "Handles" will appear on the selected chart and on its title in the top left corner of the work area.

Single right-mouse click and the chart series pop-up menu will open.


Select Chart Type from the pop-up menu, then select the new chart type from the submenu.

For more information on the chart types available, see Chart Types.

Single left-mouse click the new chart type, and it will be applied to the current series chart, unless the chart type requires chart parameters to be selected before it can display.

Chart Parameters

If the chart type you are changing to has any properties that can be set, you will be prompted with a dialog similar to the following example for Point & Figure charts:


Enter the parameters for the chart type you are changing to, and click OK to save the values and change the chart type, or Cancel to leave the current chart as it is.

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