Using The Symbol Tree

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Adding Symbols From The Symbol Tree

You can overlay a symbol on the current chart, or replace the current chart with a symbol from the Navigation Bar's Symbol Tree, by double-clicking with the left mouse button on the symbol you wish to chart.

This will launch the New Chart dialog which gives you the following options:

New Chart

This option creates a chart in a new window, and leaves the current one as is.

Overlay Chart

This option overlays the symbol you have selected on top of the current chart. You will be prompted for a scale location.

See Overlaying Another Chart for more information.

Replace Chart

This option replaces the current chart with the selected symbol.

Once you have selected your option, click on OK to close the window and display your chart.

Other New Chart Settings

The New Chart dialog also contains other settings for the new chart.

Refer to the Creating a New Chart topic for more information.

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