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Opening and Managing Chart Pages

Charts Icon

Chart pages can be opened from any list in Your SOFTWARE by clicking a chart icon butn_prichart.gif.

The Page List of the Page Monitor, Start Page and Symbol Tree contain many chart page icons.

The result of clicking a chart icon depends on which feature you are opening the chart from, and whether the symbol has a chart already saved for it.

New Chart

If the symbol does not have a chart saved for it, clicking the symbol's chart icon will result in either the a new Chart in the work area (the usual effect) or if the selection is made from the symbol tree and another chart is currently open in the work area, the Add Symbol dialog box opening.

Open Existing Chart

If the symbol is already used in one or more saved charts, Your SOFTWARE will first ask if you want to open one of the existing charts. It will display a list of the current charts for that symbol, choose one and then Select to open the saved chart.

Open Chart Page Dialog

Click the Saved Charts command in the Charts tool bar menu to open the Open Chart Page dialog box:


chrtwrk_newchartdialognav.gifThe Open Chart Page dialog box user standard Windows file methodology to open saved Chart Pages (file extension *.hcp) and Split Screen Chart Pages (file extension *.hcs).

The dialog box can be resized by dragging the bottom left corner, the cursor will become a two headed arrow.

Drop-down the View Menu and select a new display style for the files and folders.

Saved charts can be organized using the Create New Folder function and then saved charts can be dragged into the new folders.

Navigate through the folders using the Up One Level button, the Go To Last Folder Visited button and the drop down View Tree viewer/selector.

Open a Saved Chart Page

Navigate to the appropriate folder and click to select the file, or type its name into the File name: text box.

Click Open to display the chart in Your SOFTWARE.

Launch Your SOFTWARE when Opening a Chart

By clicking a file with the Chart Pages (file extension *.hcp) or Split Screen Chart Pages (file extension *.hcs), users can open the chart page within Your SOFTWARE.

chartopeniconclick_ps36.gifIf Your SOFTWARE is not currently open when the command is made, the command will first launch Your SOFTWARE and then open the selected chart.

File selection of this type can take place inside Windows Explorer, or from an icon placed on the desktop, see graphic at right.

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