Creating a Template

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Chart Templates

To save the appearance of a chart, as opposed to its content, use the Save as Template... function. Later that appearance can be applied to other charts using the Load Template function and applying the previously saved template.

Chart Types, Indicators, Hi-Lites, series color schemes, chart background colors, time and price axis display and many other personalized screen display settings can be included in each template.

You can also apply the template to an existing chart page.

Templates can determine color, fonts, chart type, indicators and general chart properties.

Save Chart Page as a Template

After making a number of changes to a chart page, save the changes for future use by clicking the Save As Template... button in the chart page's Action Menu.

The Save Chart Template As... naming dialog box will display.

Enter an appropriate name and click the Save button to create the new HUBB Chart Template file (file extension *.hct).

The template name will now be added to the list in the Template drop-down list on the Create New Chart dialog box.

Saved Display Instructions

The template saves the chart page's display instructions, without reference to its specific symbol.

The user will supply the new symbol when a new chart is created using the template, and that symbol will initially be displayed exactly like any other symbol using that template.

Using a template can duplicate both the display format and the properties of charts for many different symbols, this makes comparisons between like securities much easier.

Components included in a Template

The following components can be included in a template:

Note - that Drawing Tool output will not be included in a template even though it may appear on the chart page that the template was created from.

Creating a Chart Page from a Template

Use the same procedure as for Creating a New Chart, but select a template from the drop down list of previously created templates.


After selecting a template, users can check the Save as Default check-box to set the selected template as the new default.

Note - The File Selector Link button butn_dialoglink.gif (to the right of the Drop Down Menu button butn_dropdownmenu.gif in the Template selector) will open the Open Chart Template dialog box, see next section. This allows access to templates saved in folders other than the first level of the Chart Templates folder

Applying Templates to existing Chart Pages

From the chart page's Action Menu select Load Template... to apply a Chart Template to the current Chart Page:


Use the Open Chart Template dialog to open a folder containing a group of templates (i.e. files with the .hct file extension).

Select a template from the folder and click Open to apply the highlighted template to the current chart page.

Chart Template Management

Use the Select Chart Template dialog box to manage chart templates.

From this dialog users can Rename and Delete existing chart templates and organize them into groups.

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