Average Range

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Average Range

The Average Range shows the average range of price movement over a period that is defined by you.

Range Calculation

Each interval's Range is the difference between the interval's high price from its low price.


Averaging Calculation

The ranges for each interval can then be averaged with the preceding ranges to arrive at an average range for the period set in the Parameters tab of the Average Range Properties dialog box.


User Settings


The user can set the number of previous ranges that will be averaged to produce the average range for a given interval.

Type in a whole number in the Periods text box in the Parameters tab of the Average Range Properties dialog box.

The default number of periods is 20, this setting will use all the ranges of the previous 20 periods and average them to produce the Average Range for the current interval.


The Average Range is displayed in an indicator window below the price chart.

The exact display of the plot is controlled on the Plots tabbed page of the Average Range Properties dialog box.

The Style selected for the plot can be one of the following: Solid, Dashes, Dots, Points, Histogram or Step.

Once the style is selected the Color, Weighting and Visibility can also be controlled from this page.

The Scale's display is controlled from the Scale Settings and Scale Appearance tabbed pages.

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