Volume Oscillator

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Volume Oscillator

The Volume Oscillator is part of the Oscillator Group.

This oscillator compares two moving averages of the symbol's volume data.

One moving average is calculated over a short period, the default number of intervals is 5.

The second moving average uses volume data from over a longer period, its default number of intervals is 35.

Users can alter these default values in the Volume Oscillator Properties dialog box:


The resulting Long Average is then subtracted from the Short and plotted: The calculation and plotting then moves forward for each interval and the result is plotted along a zero axis.


Using the Volume Oscillator

Essentially this indicator uses actual volume compared to a moving average of the volume. It is not price sensitive and some systems combine it with price to produce a volume/price trend indicator.

The moving average of the volume revolves around an axis using the traded volume to produce an oscillator. It is a very useful indicator given the huge influence volume has on price.

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