Daily Fundamental Types

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Daily Fundamental Types

Seven of the fundamental indicators are calculated using annual financial data together with daily price data.

Calculated Value

The blue line in the example below is the Daily Fundamental Indicator for the company's Dividend Yield.


The company's annual dividend is used in the calculation, hence there is a sharp movement at around 1 January (the end of the US financial year) when the calculation's financial data component is updated. Thereafter the calculation using the closing price data will resume following movements on the price chart.

Annual Value

The red line is the Annual plot for the company's Dividend Yield indicator. Its display can be turned off or customized, see Daily Fundamental Indicator Display, below.

Available Types

The following Fundamental indicator types are calculated using both annual fundamental data and daily price data:

  • Dividend Yield
  • Earnings Yield
  • Market Cap
  • Price/Book Value Ratio
  • Price/Cash Flow Ratio
  • Price/Earnings Ratio
  • Price/Sales Ratio

Note - The above indicators are calculated locally by Your SOFTWARE. This normally results in levels that are different from the ratio levels reported direct from HUBB's data source. Data reported direct from the data source is displayed on the ValueGain startpage and on the Ratio Page of the SSA work pages.

Daily Fundamental Indicator Display

Double left mouse click on the indicator's label, or right mouse click the plot and select the properties command from the pop-up menu to open the indicator's Properties dialog box:


The display of each plot is controlled by its Visible check box.

First select the plot from the drop down menu (Fundamental for the Annual Plot, Fundamental Daily for the Daily Plot) and then specify the plot's Color, Style and Weighting.

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