Signals on Indicators

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Signals on Indicators is a feature enhancement that allows very easy comparison of different indicators in order to determine whether or not they are Bullish or Bearish and support or contradict other elements of analysis.

Indicators with Signals

Not all Indicators support the Signals feature.

The list of Indicators that support the Signals feature are:

Setting Signals on Indicators

Apply one of the Indicators listed above to a price chart.

Right-click on the Indicator's Label located on the upper left corner of the chart. Then left-click on Properties on the pop up menu list.


This will launch the Indicator Properties Dialog Box.

Click on the Signals tab.


The dropdown box contains Signals applicable on the Indicator.

Bullish and Bearish signal properties can be set. 

Transparency of the Indicator can set set with a value between 0 - 100. 0 being lightest and 100 being darkest.

Visibility of the Indicator can be set via the checkbox. Check for on and uncheck for off.

To edit any or all of these signals select one signal at a time and edit the settings.

Click the Ok button to apply the changes.


Note -  You can setup the indicator settings to apply by default by clicking Defaults button.

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