Using Indicators

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Displaying Indicators

Indicators Superimposed over Chart Pages

Some indicators are sufficiently related to the chart display that they can only be superimposed on the chart itself.

In these cases, the underlying chart's details are listed, followed by the details of the superimposed indicator, in the labels at the top right of the charts:


A label for the indicator, including some of its values, is added under the chart's label in the top left corner of the work area. Double left-mouse click on the indicator's label to open its Properties dialog.

Individual Indicator Display charts

Indicators which use the base symbol's data to create autonomous graphics, with little or no relationship to the appearance of the instrument's chart, are displayed in individual charts under the base symbols chart:


For a full list of the Indicators available in Your SOFTWARE, refer to the Indicators help topic.

If there are more than one Indicator, they will create successive new displays if they cannot share the same display format.

The Vertical axis of many Indicators are not price based and the y-axis content can vary.

You can delete the indicator by right clicking on its label and clicking delete in the pop-up menu.

Superimposing Indicators on Indicators

Some indicators are can be superimposed on each other, sharing the same indicator display, or on the same base symbols chart.


A label for each additional indicator, is added to the current list of labels in the top left corner of the work area. Double left-mouse click on any indicator's, or chart's, label to open its Properties dialog.

Signal Display

Each Signal is based on a single indicator.

When a signal is run and the price chart display is selected for one of the results, both the price chart and the indicator associated with the signal will be displayed in the work area.

Refer to the Signals on Indicators topic.

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