New Low

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New Low

newlo.gifThis function will Hi-Lite and place a dot or dash below any bar which has made a New Low when compared to the lows of the last 10 bars.

Users can change the number of previous bars (intervals) used in the calculation, this can prove extremely valuable for both novice and experienced traders looking for breakouts of Support and Resistance levels.

It's functionality is the exact opposite of the New High Hi-Lite.

Previous Periods setting

To change the number of previous intervals used in the calculation, double-left mouse-click on the New Low Hi-Lite's label to open the New Low Properties dialog box, and click the Parameters tab.

Type in a new number of days for the Periods Previous comparison and click OK to apply the new setting to the Hi-Lite.

This new setting can be saved as the new default by clicking the Defaults button.

Display Settings

Display settings are changed on the Settings tabbed page of the New Lows Properties dialog box.

Color and Display

The color of the Hi-Lite can be changed, and the following display options are available:

  • Colored bullet, no color change for the bar (default setting, only Display Bullet checked)
  • Colored bullet and colored bar (both Style check boxes, Display Bullet and Change Bar Color, selected)
  • Color change for the bar, bullet not displayed (check Change Bar Color, un-check Display Bullet)
Bullet Type and Position

The indicator bullets can be either a Dash or a Dot.

Also, the position of the bullet can be set to display at either the Open, High, Low or Close level for the interval. The default is Low which is understandable considering that the Low price is the only data type used in the calculation.

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