Gap Up

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Gap Up

gapup.gifGap Up occurs when the value increases sharply and the lowest value for a days trading is higher than the high for the previous day.

i.e. The Low of today is $5.22 and the high for the previous day is $5.20 indicating a sharp rise.

It can indicate a sharp increase in the value of a security, functionally it is the exact opposite to Gap Down.

For more information, refer to How to Make Profits in Commodities by W.D. Gann and the Safety in the Market Video Series.

Display Settings

Double-left mouse-click on the Gap Up Hi-Lite's label to open the Gap Up Properties dialog box.

Color and Display

The color of the Hi-Lite bar can be changed, and a bullet (Dot or Dash) can be displayed.

The following display options are available:

  • Colored bullet and colored bar (default setting) (both Style check boxes selected)
  • Color change for the bar, bullet not displayed (un-check Display Bullet)
  • Colored bullet, no color change for the bar (un-check Change Bar Color)
Bullet Type and Position

The indicator bullets can be either a Dot or Dash. Also, the position of the indicator can be set to display at either the Open, High, Low or Close level for the interval.

In the example at right, a dot bullet indicator at the Low price for the interval is used. This is the default for this Hi-Lite.

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