Daily Trend Filter

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Daily Trend Filter

The Daily Trend Filter Hi-Lite will color code the bar chart in accordance with the direction of the One-Day Swing Chart at that time.


Up-Trend - Green

If the Daily Swing Chart is in a confirmed up-trend then all the daily bars will appear green.

Down-Trend - Red

Conversely if the daily trend is down then all the daily bars are red.

Trend Uncertain - Black

If the daily trend at any stage become uncertain then the daily bars will be black.

The Daily Trend Filter Hi-Lite is typically applied to a daily bar chart.

One significant advantage of the Daily Trend Filter is the ability to break the market down more easily into sections. The basic color coding for the trend can be used as your guide.

As the Market changes from down to uncertain, and then eventually back up once more, you can be assured you have identified a cyclic top or bottom for the daily chart, however these are minor cycles. Also using the color coding in relation to the direction of the swing chart ensures that you trade predominantly in the direction of the daily trend.

Note -  Exceptions may be Time by Degrees dates.

Display Settings

Right mouse-click on the Trend Filter label in the list of Series labels to open the Trend Filter Properties window.


The default settings used for the Weekly Trend Filter Hi-Lites are Green for up, Red for down and Black for uncertain.

You can change these and save the new colors as your default.

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