Company Announcements

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Company Announcements

Often a company's earnings announcements are price sensitive and have a marked effect on the share price.

The Company Announcements Hi-Lite allows users to include icons in the price chart indicating the point at which significant company announcements were made.

The ability to visually integrate fundamental data with the price chart can give important insight into users fundamental analyses.

Click on the CE icon in the Hi-Lites access panel to apply the Hi-Lite and open its table below the price chart:


Announcements List

A table below the price chart includes details of each announcement included in the fundamental data arranged in chronological order.

It includes identification details of the Date, Type and Value.

Earnings Icon - vg_hilit_iconerngs.gif

The point at which the Earnings announcement is made will be marked on the chart with a blue Earnings icon.

Click an icon on the chart and the row containing the data in the table will become highlighted.

View Settings

The display of all the components of this Hi-Lite can be controlled in the Company Announcements Settings dialog.

Right mouse click on an icon and choose Company Announcements Properties from the pop-up menu, see below, or double right mouse-click on the Hi-Lites label in the top left corner of the price chart work page to open the Company Announcements Settings dialog:


General Display Settings

Show Hints

vg13_compannctshint.gifCheck this box to allow details of the Earnings to display in a "Hints" balloon above the icon on the price chart.

Display Announcement Listing

Check this box to display the listing table at the bottom of the price chart work area.

When it is selected, it will also be selected in the Hi-Lite's pop-up menu:


The display can be toggled on or off from either command location.

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