Hi-Lites Palette

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Hi-Lite Palette

The Hi-Lite and Favorites Access Panels are normally the first point from which Hi-Lites are applied.

There is also a floating Hi-Lites palette which can be detached from the access panel. It will float above the price chart and Hi-Lites can be applied to the chart from it.


Right-mouse click anywhere on the drawing tools access panel and select Detach from the pop-up menu:


The Hi-Lite floating palette will open and float above the price chart.

Using the Hi-Lite Palette


Apply a Hi-Lite

Select a Hi-Lite and single left-mouse click to apply it to the price chart. The Hi-Lite's label in the palette list will become highlighted.

Only one instance of each Hi-Lite can be applied to a chart.

You can apply as many of the Hi-Lites to a chart at the same time as you wish.

To turn off a Hi-Lite, single left mouse click on a highlighted label in the palette list and toggle it off. Click again to toggle it back on.

Reposition the Palette

The Hi-Lite palette can be repositioned using the mouse. Click on the palette's title bar and hold the left mouse button down while dragging the palette to a new location. Release the left mouse button at the preferred location.

Resize the Palette

Resize the palette using the mouse cursor. Move the cursor over one of the margins, or over a corner (to resize both height and width), and hold down the left mouse button when the cursor turns into a double arrow. Drag the mouse to resize the palette. Release the left mouse button when the palette is at the preferred dimensions.

Note - The contents of the Hi-Lites list is not configurable.

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