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Hi-Lites provide a basic tool kit to identify situations on the chart that may not be otherwise apparent.

They are especially convenient in identifying ABC Points.

acspnel_hilitselect_ps.pngClick the Hi-Lite butn_hilites.gif button on the chart's Function bar and Your SOFTWARE's array of Hi-Lites will be displayed in the Access Panel in the lower half of the Page Monitor bar.

Alternatively, select Hi-Lite from the access panel's drop down menu.

To apply a Hi-Lite, move the mouse over the drawing tool’s icon in the panel. A tool tip will display, and the full name of the drawing tool will appear in the text box at the bottom of the access panel. Single right mouse click to apply the Hi-Lite.

When a Hi-Lite tool has been applied, its name in the panel has a grey background. Click on the name to toggle the Hi-Lite on and off.

You can also detach a floating Hi-Lites palette (see below on right) from the Hi-Lites access panel (see above on left).

For more information on using the access panel and detaching palettes from it, go the Access Panel help topic.

Click on the following links for detail on each of the Hi-Lites available in Your SOFTWARE:

Using Hi-Lites in Charts

Hi-Lites are superimposed over the price chart.

The location of all Hi-Lites is determined using price data. The Hi-Lite will be plotted on the chart without user input.

Each Hi-Lite has a properties dialog box in which its appearance, and sometimes the values used to plot the Hi-Lite, can be adjusted by the user.

For more information, go to the help topic for each Hi-Lite.

Add to Favorites

Place the most frequently used Hi-Lite in the Favorites Access Panel.

Select a Hi-Lite and right mouse-click on it. Select Add to Favorites from the resulting pop-up menu.


The Hi-Lite will be added to the Favorites Access Panel.

Open the Favorites Access Panel by selecting it from the access panel's drop-down menu.

The Favorites Access Panel can also be opened from the function bar, click on the Favorites butn_favorites.gif icon.

For more information on populating and using this feature, go to the Favorites Access Panel's topic.

Detach Hi-Lites Palette

You can also detach the floating Hi-Lites palette from the access panel.

Right-mouse click anywhere on the Hi-Lites access panel and select Detach from the pop-up menu:


The Hi-Lites floating palette will open and float above the price chart. It can be resized and repositioned using the mouse cursor.

For more information, go to the Hi-Lites palette help topic.

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