Select a Tool

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Select a Tool

Move your mouse cursor over the tool output, your cursor will change to its default "link select" mode, in this case a pointing finger:


Single left mouse click and the "handles" will appear. They are the four black boxes at the edge of the tool output area.

Moving Tool Output

To move the tool output, display the handles and then position the cursor on the edge of the tool output area, between any of the handles. Hold the mouse down and drag the tool output to a new position. Its shape and size will be retained.

Resizing Tool Output

To resize, reshape or re-orient the tool output, left mouse click on the "handle" itself and drag that handle to a new position, the other handles will remain stationery and the tool output's size, shape and/or orientation will be changed.

drawresizetoola.gif                                                  drawresizetoolb.gif

Note - When moving or resizing along the x-axis (horizontal) the size will jump from one interval (day, month, year) to the next, while when moving or resizing along the y-axis (vertical) the movement is smoother, moving pixel by pixel.


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