Square of High/Low

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Square of High/Low

Gann states that time and price can the treated as the same. This tool allows the price of a major or high or low to be converted into a time frame, this time frame can help calculate future pressure dates for a change in trend.

The Square of High/Low drawing tool will convert the value of the major trend change into a time frame using geometric angles drawn on the chart page. Using different angles to Square the low or high will give you more pressure dates representing percentages of the price in time.

Start date is the date of the high or low that you select with the cursor. Always ensure that the this date is correct for accurate results, these can be precisely set in the Square of High/Low Properties dialog.

Select the high or low you wish to Square by left clicking once at that point on the start date's bar. You would typically apply the Square of High/Low drawing tool to major or cyclic tops and bottoms. Sticking to the more significant tops and bottoms will yield more significant results.

After positioning the date and price level, a dotted grey line will plot vertically down to the $0 price level. From the anchor point on the $0 price level three lines will extend in the direction chosen and intersect with a horizontal line plotted at the initial price level.


The angled lines represent 1x2, 1x1, 2x1 fractional squares and the End Dates where they intersect with the horizontal lines are calculated by the software and displayed next to the intersections, at the top of the horizontal line.

User Settings

Double left mouse-click on any of the lines to open the Square of Hi/Lo Properties dialog box.

The following items can be manually adjusted by the user:

Date / Price

The exact date and price level can be entered using the calendar selection tool or the keyboard.


As with many Gann Square drawing tools, the direction of the Square of Hi/Lo can be selected by the user. In this case the drawing tool plots to a horizontal line, so only Forward or Backward directions can be selected.

Point Size

The point size is by default the point size referenced for the symbol in the system data.

The point size can be changed by the user, this will result in the angle of the intersecting lines changing and hence the dates of each pressure point.

Forecast Dates

The Forecast Dates for the three lines are displayed in the dialog box.

These dates cannot be edited directly, but by changing any of the parameters in the dialog box the forecast dates will be immediately recalculated and displayed.

Line Display

Horizontal Price Level Line

The Appearance tab controls the display of the horizontal line and vertical dotted line. The weighting (thickness) can be changed for both at the same time.

The color of the horizontal line can be changed. The vertical dotted line will always be grey.

Intersecting Lines

The Angles tab controls the display of the angle intersecting lines, as well as whether they are visible or not.

Un-check the check-box for each line that you do not want displayed. Both the line and its printed date will be removed from the display.

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