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Gann Box

Use the Gann Box to define a major cycle in both price and time. The dimensions of the box are initially determined by the user's mouse clicks (they can later be adjusted in the Gann Box Properties dialog box).

Use the Gann Box anywhere in a moderately trending market to compare the selected price cycle with other cycles in the market. Use the tool to make a copy of the original box and then paste the copy over a future cyclic high or low. This can provide key insights into the future market movements in the next cycle based upon previous performance.


Define the Initial Box

Place the cursor at the starting point of the reference cycle and left click once, move the cursor across to the top (for long markets) or bottom (short market) that concludes the reference cycle and left click a second time.

The dimensions of the box will measure the cycle in terms of both time and price: it's length represents time, the range between start and end prices the end, and the pitch of the diagonal line represents size to cycle.

The Gann Box has 5 angles emanating from both the top left and top right of the Gann Box.

The main diagonal represents the Speed Angle based on the previous cycle, while the other lines represent differing proportions of price to time, relating to the size of the Gann Box being applied.

Adjust Time and Price Values

Precise positioning of the initial box using the cursor is difficult because the cursor does not snap to any particular points.

In order to precisely set the initial box and the exact start and end points, directly type in the values using the Gann Box Properties dialog:

Start and End Dates and Values

Enter the precise start and end dates/values of the highs/lows that signify the start and end of the cycle for the initial box.

Make these adjustments to the exact coordinates before you copy and paste, changes in the initial box will not be updated in other copies of that box.

After making the adjustments, the precise box size can be Locked.


You can also alter the Color, Weighting and Style of the lines used to display the box to suit your personal analysis preferences. If you are applying a Gann Box on the same chart as you may have applied a Gann Square it can very useful to change the color or style to as to clearly distinguish between the two.

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