458 Gann Square

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458 Gann Square

This is a predefined Market Square designed for use on the Sydney Futures Exchange's (SFE’s) Share Price Index contract (SPI).

Apply it to any SPI derived chart, spot or futures, by setting the square’s initial point at the lowest historical low for the SPI: 458 on 1 March 1983.

The initial Square’s start value can be adjusted to exactly 458, generally your cursor placement will not be exactly on the 458 level. The points range of 458 is preset for this market and once the start value is set to 458.000, the initial square will be in the correct position for this market.

Then use the extension and duplication features in the 458 Gann Square Properties dialog box to extend the coverage of the squares over all the price data in your chart.

This common Gann Squares display and settings functionality is shared with other squares drawing tools in Your SOFTWARE.

Go to the Gann Squares - Common Properties topic for an detailed explanation of the following common Gann Square settings and how to use them:

Note - For other markets where you do not have this preset market square as we do for the SPI, you would use the Preset Gann Square drawing tool and define the size of the square to suit the market you are studying.

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