168 Gann Square

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168 Gann Square

The 168 Gann Square drawing tool allows you to draw a 'Square’ on your chart page based on the number 168, a size recognized by W.D. Gann as important. The number 168 often recurs in nature, for example there are 168 hours in a week (7 X 24).

The 168 Gann Square is among the group referred to as "Natural Squares", meaning squares that are based on mathematically important numbers that frequently repeat in nature. Natural Squares are applicable to all stocks and commodities.

Position and Edit

Move your cursor to the point at which you want to place the square and left mouse-click once. Then move the mouse slightly up or down around that point to determine the direction of your Square, left mouse-click a second time to set the Square in the preferred direction.

Gann Squares can be applied to either a top or bottom, however significant tops and bottoms will yield the most lucrative results.

The exact Start Date and Start Price of the range can later be precisely adjusted from the 168 Gann Square’s Properties dialog box.

The 168 Gann Square shares many display and settings with other squares drawing tools in Your SOFTWARE.

Go to the Gann Squares - Common Properties topic for an detailed explanation of the following common Gann Square settings and how to use them:

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