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Time By Degrees

The Time by Degrees drawing tool is a line conversion of W.D. Gann's Time by Degrees trading method.

The tool will plot a horizontal line with vertical degree count bars calculated from an anchor or starting point. Effectively, the number of degrees from the starting point will be displayed along the line as it is drawn across the screen.

The default degree settings show important degree intervals relating the Gann Emblem. This can be confirmed by running the Gann Emblem tool from the same starting point. The degree display of the Gann Emblem tool will correspond exactly with the Intervals displayed in the captions of the Time by Degrees display.

Position and Edit

The starting point is usually set at a significant high or low, and the Time by Degrees tool is used to identify and emphasize cyclical market movements corresponding to Gann pressure points.

Position the cursor at the date from which the count is to be anchored, and click the mouse. A line will appear with the preset increments of degrees displayed. The tool will allow the red horizontal lines representing each count to be dragged lower or higher than the base line to highlight the count. Also the cursor will act as a count of degrees from the start date.


By dragging left or right with the mouse you can see how many calendar days there are between any point on your chart in relation to the start date. Under Settings the end date is represented by the point at which the degree counts start.

You will find great benefit to applying degree counts to significant or cyclic tops and bottoms. Finding the right starting point is the key to successful Time by Degrees trading.

User Settings

The Time by Degrees Properties dialog is composed of four tabbed pages: Settings, Appearance, Font and Degrees. Manually adjust of any of the properties in order to obtain exact results.

Access the Properties by double left clicking on the line or right clicking once on the time line.


Start / End Date

Manually enter the precise point of the Start and End Dates.

Start / End Value

Displays the price axis where the line from Start to Finish is recorded. Manually enter values to fine tune the start and end points using these settings.

Extend Up / Down

Extend the vertical degree markers up or down to significantly highlight the appropriate dates for change of trend.


Check to prevent the time line from being moved around the screen in error.


Allows the color, style and weighting of the line to be adjusted.

Display Labels

Un-check to hide the labels, check to show them.

If shown, Horizontally or Vertically, or Centre, Top or Bottom settings determine their position of display.

Interval and Interval Captions

Toggle on or off, and if on, can be displayed in a variety of date formats and with or without captions.


The default setting will be to use the current chart font settings.


Adjust the display of the vertical intervals lines and captions to suit your specific needs.

The default degree increments of 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270, 315, 360, 405, and 450 show important degree intervals relating the Gann Emblem. You may like to adjust these out to provide you with every 30 degree interval, etc.

Here you can also adjust the color, style and weighting of the displayed degree intervals to suit your analysis style. For example you may like to make the 90, 180, 270 and 360 degree intervals stand out from the rest.

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