Interim Time Frame

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Interim Time Frame

A major key to Gann analysis is that time frames will repeat with consistent regularity.

A useful tool to measure the time between two market points, and to compare that length of time with other price data in the chart, is the Interim Time Frame drawing tool.

The tool consists of two related lines. The time setting line is applied by the user to the beginning and end of the time period for the price formation that is to be measured. The angle at which the line is applied to the chart does not matter. The tool then calculates time between the start and finish, and creates a separate horizontal bar of equal time length which is used for measuring other formations:


The user can drag the horizontal measuring bar and compare the length of similar price formations in order to identify a recurring time frame.

The horizontal measuring bar can be moved independently of the time setting line, but if the time setting bar is moved, the measuring bar will move with it

User Defined Settings

Initially the dates are set by cursor action which created the time setting line, later the user can manually alter them in the Interim Time Frame Properties dialog box. The user can also select between Calendar days and Trading Days.

First date / First value

The starting point in time and price set initially by the cursor is displayed, it can be manually altered by the user.

Second Date / Second value

The end of the time frame set initially by the cursor is displayed, it can be manually altered by the user.

Third date / Third value

The commencing point for the horizontal line representing the time frame between the first and second values can be set either using the cursor or manually entering the date and value in this dialog text box.

Forecast Date

Forecast Date is displayed at the end date of the horizontal measurement line.  It is the end date of the horizontal line and is your pressure date.

The user can Lock the schematic on the chart to prevent the accidental movement of either line.


The Appearance tab allows the variation to the marker bars of the tool on the screen.

If you have a series of Interim Time Frames being measured on the one chart page you may like to make them all different colors for far easier definition.

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