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Gann Emblem

The Gann Emblem drawing tool is a graphic conversion of the Time by Degrees method.

It will display a rotating emblem with a degree count as time is calculated from an anchor or starting point. Effectively, the number of degrees from the starting point will be displayed as the line is drawn across the screen, in contrast to the Time by Degrees count which displays lines at set periods by default.

Position and Edit

Select a starting date by left clicking above the bar you wish to use as the starting point, then holding the mouse button down, drag the mouse to the point where you wish to stop and release the mouse button.

A line will be drawn from the anchor or starting point, and a rotating Gann Emblem will appear in the top right corner of the chart area displaying the degrees traveled from the starting point:


When the mouse is released, the line will remain on the screen, however, the Gann Emblem in the corner of the chart will disappear.

To re-display the Gann Emblem symbol in the corner, click on the line. The corner Emblem will reappear.

You can also use the Gann Emblem Tool to calculate degree measurements going backward in time. This is particularly useful when it comes to ‘Zero Date' analysis. (see chapter 9 of the Safety in the Market Video Series manual for more on Zero Date analysis)


Access the Gann Emblem Tool Properties dialog box by double left clicking on the time line or right clicking once on the time line.

Start Date confirms the anchor point for the time frame.

End Date is the point of measurement from the Start Date.

Value records the price axis where the line from Start to Finish is recorded. You can fine tune the start and end points using these settings.

Emblem Size allows the Gann Emblem in the corner to be adjusted to three sizes to suit your personal choice.


The Color, Style and Weighting of the line to be adjusted.

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