Gann Angle

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Gann Angle

Similar to the Gann Line tool, the Gann Angle tool will draw a single geometric angle rising at a rate of price to time equaling 1 tick per day or a 1 (tick) x 1 interval line (the default settings for the Gann Angle tool is a 1 x 1 angled line).

The Gann Angle tool can be applied to all markets and should be placed on major tops, for long price formations, and major bottoms for short markets. The geometric angles formed by the Gann Angle line often act as support and resistance in the markets.

Move the cursor over the point you would like the line to start from, left mouse-click to anchor the beginning of the line in place. Then move the cursor using a circular motion around that point to determine the Direction of the Gann Angle line (Forward and Up/Down or Backwards and Up/Down), left mouse-click a second time to set the Gann Angle in place.

The Gann Angle Properties dialog can be used to set parameters to any ratio. For example, a setting of 10:15 or 1 x1.5 will look the same as the example in the Gann Line topic.

Adjust Line Settings

Right mouse-click on the line and select Gann Line Properties from the pop-up menu. The following parameters can be adjusted:


Start Date

Precise positioning of the initial box using the cursor is difficult because the cursor does not snap to any particular points.

Enter the exact coordinates of the beginning point of the line.


This setting will determine the number of time periods covered for each defined unit of price.

There are eight possible settings available in the drop-down menu: 1 x 2, 3, 4 or 8, 2 x 1, 4 x 1, 8 x 1.

Start Value

Set the precise value of the high or low price for the interval at which the angle will start.


Use the Direction parameter’s drop-down menu to select from Forward and Up/Down or Backwards and Up/Down. The line will be redraw at each selection.

Point Size

Your SOFTWARE uses the system data for its default. Users can change it if they prefer.

Interval Type

Daily or weekly.


Allows you to change the appearance of the displayed Gann Angle to suit your personal preference.

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