Balance Time Tool

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Balance Time Tool

This tool allows you to easily measure and compare price formations.

It is similar to the Interim Time Frame drawing tool, in that it measures the duration of an initial price formation and then provides a tool to compare other price formations with that length of time.

Position and Edit

The user measures the duration of the initial price formation by single left mouse-clicking at its beginning and then at its end.

As the mouse moves the cursor from the first point to the second, a line is drawn and the distance between the start and end points is measured in time.

The tool uses that distance to create intervals on a horizontal line, which is drawn forward in time from the second or end point.  The intervals displayed on the horizontal line make it easy to identify potential pressure dates forward into the future:


Once drawn, the line can be grabbed with the cursor and dragged over other price formations to measure their duration and compare it with the original. The cursor will turn into a hand with a pointing finger.

The points to be measured are initially set by the cursor, these can later be manually adjusted in the Balance Time Tool Properties dialog box.

The default setting for the Balance Time Tool is to display only the whole repeating intervals of the reference time frame. Half and Quarter fraction indicators can also be added through settings in the Appearance tab in the Balance Time Tool Properties dialog box.  Remember the 100% pressure point is the strongest of all, the 50% next and the quarters follow.

Properties and Format

In addition to the two settings just mentioned, the variables on the Settings and Appearance tabs containing the following settings:

Start Date and Value

Manually enter the details of the cycle's beginning point. It is important that this date is accurate for future projections. As this tool is one measuring only in time, the start price is not as critical here.

End Date and Value

Manually enter the  details of the end point of the cycle being analyzed. Just as with the start date it is important to ensure the end date is accurate, the value is not so important.


Color, Style and Thickness of the lines can be adjusted to suit your personal preferences This tool uses common tool functionality.

Pop-up Menu

The pop-up menu (single right mouse click) for the Balance Time Tool has the standard links: Properties, Cut, Copy, Delete, Lock and Help. It does not contain any special tools.

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