Vertical Line

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Vertical Line

Vertical lines have no particular analytical purpose, and therefore are used less often than horizontal lines or trends.

They are useful to delineate the period in the chart in which you are interested, or to show what dates trades were entered/exited on.

Position and Edit

To draw a vertical line select the Vertical Line icon, move your mouse over the chart, and single left mouse click where you want to place the line. You can edit the location manually using the standard properties functionality.

As with horizontal lines, the line is extended by default to infinity up and down.

As with horizontal lines you can select the line with a left mouse  down button and drag the line left or right to change its location.

The line can also be locked in position.

Properties and Format

Double-click the line to open the properties dialog box. Use the common tool functionality  to adjust the line's position (date), color and style properties.

Pop-up Menu

The pop-up menu (single right mouse click) for Vertical Line has the standard links: Properties, Cut, Copy, Delete, Lock and Help. It does not contain any special tools.

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