Tubbs Oblique Line

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Tubbs Oblique Line

This tool provides a mechanical method of drawing trendlines.

The cursor will snap to the top or low of the first point, depending on whether your click is below or above the bar for the selected interval.

Note that the action is reversed - first click below the bar, the line snaps to the high / first click above the bar, the line snaps to the low.

As you move the cursor toward the second point, a trendline will snap from successive top to top, or low to low, until you mouse click a second time to set the line:


In the above example the cursor is above the level of the first price point, the line has therefore snapped to the lows of the two points.

When the cursor goes below the level of the first point, the line will switch the point on the bars to which it snaps.

When the cursor is moved below the level of the start point in the above example, the line snaps to the tops of the two selected days:


Use the convenient popup menu command to create Parallel Trendlines, or to Lock the line in place.

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