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The Triangle Tool draws a triangle on your chart and can be used to highlight and plot triangular price continuation patterns such as coils, wedges. ascending/descending triangles, pennants, broadening formations, etc.

Position and Edit

Select the Triangle icon, move your mouse cursor over your chart, single left mouse click where you want to place the starting point, move the cursor to where you want the second point and single left mouse click to establish that point, then move the cursor to the third point. When moving to the third point a triangle will stretch from the first two points to the third point. When you have the cursor over the location for the third point, single left mouse click to establish the location of the last point.

The triangle tool output can be moved or resized using the common handles functionality.

Triangles can be locked in position.

Properties and Format

Use the variables on the Settings and Appearance tabs to adjust the positions of the three corners and the triangle's size, as well as alter the line color, style, etc., this tool uses common tool functionality.

The middle of the triangle cannot be filled with color, and is always transparent.

Pop-up Menu

The pop-up menu (single right mouse click) for Triangle has the standard links: Properties, Cut, Copy, Delete, Lock and Help. It does not contain any special tools.

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