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Trendlines are used to establish the long-term direction of a stock. They can slope up or down and also define the upper and lower channels between which the stock tends to bounce.

Trendlines can also be used to plot the neckline in a head and shoulders formation.

Use the Trendline tool to add these lines to your chart.

Position and Edit

Select the Trendline icon, move your mouse cursor over your chart, single left mouse click where you want to place the starting point, move the cursor to where you want the line to end and then single left mouse click to establish the end point.

The tool output can be moved or resized using the common handles functionality.

Trendlines can be extended in either direction using the common extend functionality.

Trendlines can be locked in position.

Create Parallel Trendline

Use the common Parallel Line creation functionality to create a new trendline parallel to the selected line. You can use this feature to quickly create trend channels.

The direction, colour and other features can be individually altered for the parallel line as for the original Trendline, see next section.

Properties and Format

Double-click the trendline to adjust its properties.

Use the Properties dialog box to manually adjust the location of the start and end points, and to change the color and line style, this tool uses common tool functionality.

Pop-up Menu

The pop-up menu (single right mouse click) for Trendline has the standard links: Properties, Cut, Copy, Delete, Lock and Help.

In addition to the standard links, it includes the Create Parallel Trendline command:


Click on the command to create a parallel trendline slightly above the current trendline. Select the new trendline and drag it to a new position.

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