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Use the Text Drawing Tool to add comments and captions to your chart.

Position and Edit

To add text, select the Text drawing tool from the Line tab, then click on the chart at the point that you want to add text, and start typing.

Press Enter on your keyboard when you have finished typing. The text in the text box will scroll to the left as you fill it, but will display in full once you press Enter.

To view the text's details, select the textbox and double left mouse click to open the Text Properties sheet.

The Settings tabbed page controls the position and content of the text box:


The Date and Value settings are the x and y axis coordinates of upper left hand corner of the text box. They are initially set by the mouse click, the user can manually alter them from this dialog box.

The text string can  be directly edited in the Text Caption text box in this window.

Click the Locked checkbox to prevent inadvertent movement.

Format and Properties

The tool inserts a string of text, the text will not return or wrap.

Click on the Font tab to make changes to the appearance of the text.

You can alter the following:




Pick from all currently available on your PC.


Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic


Pick from drop-down list


Pick from predefined set, or choose custom color

Click OK when you have finished to confirm the changes, or Cancel to discard.

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