Price Target

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Price Target

The Price Target tool has similar functionality to the Rectangle tool.

However, it creates a data linkage with the Options Analysis window whereby the target area selected with the Price Target drawing tool can be linked and displayed in the Risk Graph display of the Options Analysis window.

The target area in both graphs are linked, the area's dimensions and properties are changed via the Price Target Properties of the Chart.

Position and Edit

Select Price Target from the palette, move your mouse over the starting point on the chart.

Single left mouse click, then move the cursor to your end point and single left mouse click again. As you move the mouse the outline of the Price Target rectangle  will appear.

The Price Target tool output can be moved or resized using the common handles functionality.

The size and position can be locked.

Establishing the Data Linkage

In order to establish the data linkage with the Options Analysis window, the Price Target on the Chart will have to first be saved.

When you close a Chart on which you have inserted a Price Target, or modified an existing target, the following dialog will appear to confirm saving the Target Changes for the chart's instrument:


This in fact is asking you if you want to establish a data linkage with the Options Analysis window.


Clicking Yes will link the data area on the chart with the Profit Analysis Graph display of the Options Analysis window. No will discard the Price Target.

You can only establish one data link between a chart and the Options Analysis window. If you try to add another Price Target you will get the following message:


Resize the existing Price Target using the mouse or properties settings to achieve the price analysis that you want.

Properties and Format

Use the variables on the Settings and Appearance tabs to adjust the vertical and horizontal positions and the price target's size, as well as alter the line color, style, this tool uses common tool functionality.

In common with circle, and rectangle, the color of the fill area can be selected to be displayed and its color selected or the fill can be left transparent.

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