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Standard Cursor

The Standard Cursor is the default drawing tool.

When no other tool is “active” or “locked”, it will be “active”.

The cursor on the chart can assume a number of different configurations, depending on what the cursor is currently being used to do:




The cursor on left is the standard cursor, this is how the cursor will appear when you first open the Drawing Tools palette, or when you return to the standard cursor after using a tool, or click the Standard Cursor button on the Palette.

The second instance is the standard cursor in the select mode. The pointer will change to your PC's current Link Select cursor; the items that are selectable will change color or get “handles”.

When a Drawing Tool is selected, the cursor will have an indicator appear below, and to the left, of it. In the example above on the left, the Arrowline drawing tool has been selected and the cursor is ready to select the position for the start point of the arrow line.

Click the palette's standard cursor button to leave a currently active drawing tool without applying it, you will be returned to the standard cursor.

Note - The exact appearance of your cursors depends on the settings in the Windows Settings on your PC. Different cursors can be selected from the Pointers tab of the Mouse Options dialog available in the Windows Control Panel folder.

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