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The Circle Tool draws a circle on your chart and can be used to highlight certain chart formations.

Position and Edit

Select Circle from the palette, move your mouse over the starting point on the chart.

The circle tool can produce oblong shapes, as well as circles.

Single left mouse click, then move the cursor to your end point and single left mouse click again.

As you move the mouse the outline of a circle will appear, handles will also appear at the corners of a box or rectangle around the circle or oblong shape.

The circle tool output can be moved or resized using the common handles functionality.

The size and position can be locked.

Properties and Format

Use the variables on the Settings and Appearance tabs to adjust the vertical and horizontal positions and the circle's size, as well as alter the line color, style, etc. This tool uses common tool functionality.

In common with circle, and price target, the color of the fill area can be selected to be displayed and its color selected or the fill can be left transparent.

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