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The Arrowline tool draws a line between two points and adds an arrow to the second mouse click.

Position and Edit

Left mouse click where you want the arrow line to begin, move the mouse to where you want the arrowpoint to appear, left mouse click to set the arrowpoint.

The startpoint and endpoint coordinates can be viewed and edited in the Arrowline Properties dialog box.

To change the direction and length of the arrowline, select with left mouse click and drag either end handle of the line and move it to a new location.

Select the middle of the arrowline and drag, this will maintain the current arrowline's orientation in a new position.

The ends of the arrowline will snap to each interval's vertical reference, but not to any data points.

The arrowlines can also be extended in either direction, and the arrowlines' location can be locked in place on the chart.

Properties and Format

The following properties can be altered using the standard formatting dialog:




Pick from predefined set, or choose custom color


Solid, Dots or Dashes


Select from five different thicknesses

Arrow Type

Select from five different shapes

Arrow Size

Select 1-25, 5 is the default

Pop-up Menu

The following settings are available from the Arrowline's Pop-up menu:


Reverse Arrowline will switch the end at which the arrowhead appears. Note that this will not affect the start and end parameters visible in the Properties/Settings tab.

Create a Parallel Arrowline creates a standard parallel tool output.

Standard Cut, Copy and Delete options.

Lock Arrowline uses the standard tools locking facility.

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