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Drawing Tools Access Panel

Click on the Drawing Tools butn_drawngtools.gif icon in the function bar to open the Drawing Tool Access Panel in the lower half of the Page Monitor bar:


Alternatively, select Drawing Tools from the Access Panel's drop down menu.

To apply a drawing tool, move the mouse over the drawing tool's icon. A tool tip will display, and the full name of the drawing tool will appear in the text box at the bottom of the access panel.

As you position your mouse over a tool, the name of the tool is displayed in the bottom left corner of the status bar.

Click to select the tool, then go to the chart page and click at the preferred insertion point. Depending on the tool, one or more mouse clicks will now be required to position the tool on the price chart in the work area.

Favorites Access Panel

Place the most frequently used drawing tools in the Favorites Access Panel.

The Favorites Access Panel can also be opened from the function bar, click on the Favorites butn_favorites.gif icon.

For more information on populating and using this feature, go to the Favorites Access Panel's topic.

Detach Tool Palette

You can also detach the floating Drawing Tools palette from the access panel.

Right-mouse click anywhere on the drawing tools access panel and select Detach from the pop-up menu:


The Drawing Tools floating palette will open and float above the price chart.

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