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Drawing Tools

acspnel_drwtoolselect_ps.pngYour SOFTWARE has a wide variety of drawing tools to assist in charting and analysis.

Select the Drawing Tools button butn_drawngtools.gif from the Function Bar of any price chart and Your SOFTWARE's array of Drawing Tools will be displayed in the Access Panel in the lower half of the Page Monitor bar.

Alternatively, select Drawing Tools from the access panel’s drop down menu.

To apply a Drawing Tool, move the mouse over the drawing tool’s icon. A tool tip will display, and the full name of the drawing tool will appear in the text box at the bottom of the access panel.

Click to select the tool, then go to the chart page and click at the preferred insertion point. Depending on the tool, one or more mouse clicks will now be required to position the tool.

The following list contains all of the Drawing Tools in the Access Panel, click on any of the tool's names to go to a full description of the tool.

In the Drawing Tools Floating Palette the tools are grouped into tabbed pages, in this list the tools are arranged in those groups:

Gann tabbed page

Many of the drawing tools on the Gann tab measure time sequences and assist in the comparison of different market cycles using tools derived from the trading principles popularized by W.D. Gann.

Gann 2 tabbed page

The Gann 2 tab contains a number of drawing tools that calculate and apply W.D. Gann’s Gann Boxes and Gann Squares. These tools extend the time measurement principles into what Gann called the third dimension, to combine time and price measurement, or comparison, of one market cycle with another.

For more information on these tools refer to the About Gann Boxes and Gann Squares topic.

Channel tabbed page

Channels are important trend monitoring tools. Generally they consist of a central trend or regression line from which parallel channel lines are drawn above and below. For an overview of this important group of tools go to the About Regression Lines and Channels topic.

Using Drawing Tools on Charts

Drawing tools are positioned by the user onto the chart.

In most cases the user selects a tool from either the access panel or the palette and then moves the cursor to a point on the chart where the tool output will commence. Often a second point is required, and sometimes, for example when drawing a triangle, a third point is required. Each point is set by a mouse click. The points can later be manually edited in the Tools' properties dialog box.

Common Functionality and Shared Behavior

Many of the tools have shared functionality for such common settings such as formatting, color, line style, etc.

A detailed description of these common features is located in the Common Functionality topic.

Many of the tools also shared behavior such as locking in position, dragging/dropping/resizing by handles, line extension, duplicate parallel line, etc.

A detailed description of these shared behaviors is located in the Common Behavior topic.

Lock Current Tool

If you want to use tool for a number of consecutive tasks, select the tool and then check the Lock Current Tool checkbox on the floating Drawing Tool palette.

The tool currently in use will be the only tool you can use, each time you left mouse click you will make another instance of the tool output.

This is helpful when tagging a number of items with text, you will not have to select the Text tool each time you make a new note, just go from one spot to the next.

When you un-check the Lock Current Tool checkbox all the other tools will again become available for use.

Help for Tools

Context Sensitive Help is available for these tools.

To access the tool specific help topic, click the Help button on their Properties sheet, the Help icon at the bottom of the pop-up settings menu, or select the tool output and press F1.

Resize Tool Panel and Palette

Both the Drawing Tool Access Panel and the floating Drawing Tool palette can be resized. Place your mouse over one of the sides or corners, the cursor will turn into a double arrow line. Hold down the left mouse-button and drag to expand or contract the size of the panel or palette.

The Drawing Tool palette can be repositioned in a similar manner. Select the palette's title bar and hold down the left mouse-button while dragging the palette to a new spot. Release the button to reposition the palette.

Add to Favorites

Drawing tools which are frequently used can be added to the Favorites Access Panel.

Select a Drawing Tool and right mouse-click on it. Select Add to Favorites from the resulting pop-up menu.


The Drawing Tool will be added to the Favorites Access Panel.

Once added to Favorites, the tools and indicators most frequently used can be easily accessed by clicking the Favorites button butn_favorites.gif on the price chart's function bar.

Alternatively, open the Favorites Access Panel by selecting it from the access panel's drop-down menu.

Detach Drawing Tool Palette

You can also detach a floating Drawing Tools palette from the access panel.

Right-mouse click anywhere on the drawing tools access panel and select Detach from the pop-up menu:


The Drawing Tools palette will open and float above the chart.

For more information, go to the Drawing Tools Palette help topic.

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