Split Screen Function Bar

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Split Screen Function Bar

Split Screens have their own Function Bar:


To apply any of the Function Bar effects, click on an individual chart to select it, a blue highlight box will appear around it. Now you can apply indicators, drawing tools, etc. to that chart.

Refresh Button

Click the Data-on-Demand Refresh button/icon to retrieve current price data for the security or group of securities: butn_go-off.gif

The Remote Action Window will display the progress of the request and retrieval of the data.

For more information, go to the Data on Demand Update / Refresh help topic.


The chart's interval is set in the first drop down box, five end-of-day intervals are supported: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly as well as a number of tick and intraday data.

The five end-of-day intervals are always available.

The tick and intraday intervals are only available when streaming, or real-time, data services are available. 


The Action drop-down menu presents a choice of  charting commands for the selected chart and its base symbol, as well as printing options for the entire split screen page.

Go to the Split Screen Action Menu help topic, below, for a full description of commands available in this menu.

Cross Hairs

Use the cross hairs to identify precise locations on the chart.

Click on the gunsight button butn_xhairs.gif, the mouse cursor will become two vertical and horizontal lines.

As the mouse moves over the chart, the date and price for the exact center of the cross hairs will be displayed in small boxes on each axis line of the cross hairs.

Toggle the gunsight button to turn off or on the Cross Hairs effect on your cursor.

The data can also be displayed in the Price Data Bar if you have un-checked the Show Last check box.

The data can also be viewed in the Floating Data Window if you have clicked on its display.

Data Window

The data window displays the base symbols price data, go to the Floating Data Window help topic for a full description of this feature.

Click on the Data Window button butn_datawindow.gif in the Function Bar to display the small floating window.


Move the cursor over one of the split screen charts and details of the trades will appear in the window.

Drag the Data Window with your cursor to relocate it on your chart screen.

Resize the window by placing your cursor on any corner of the window and dragging.

Close the window by either left clicking on the close button on the window itself, or by clicking once on the Data Window button in the Function Bar.

Go to the price chart's Data Window help topic for more information on how this window functions.

Drawing Tools

Click the Drawing Tools icon butn_drawngtools.gif to open a floating palette of Your Software drawing tools. Go to the Drawing Tools help topic for a full description of these tolls


Indicators use the same financial data which is used to produce the base charts to produce a graphic representation of a mathematical formula. Some Indicators will produce graphics that resemble the charts themselves and are superimposed on the base symbol's chart.

Click the split screen indicator tools icon butn_indicators.gif to open a floating palette of Your SOFTWARE drawing tools. Although the indicator icon is different, the tools are the same as those available for normal Your SOFTWARE charts. Go to the Indicators help topic for a full description of these tools.

Other Indicators create autonomous graphics, with little or no relationship to the appearance of the instrument's chart. They are inserted below the base symbol's chart in a separate Indicator's Display.


Hi-Lites identify points in the chart's price data that meet certain criteria - for examples Gaps Up. For each instance detected in the chart's price data, a Hi-Lite will be applied.

ABC Trading Hi-Lites butn_hilites.gif can be applied directly from this group.

For more information on all the Your SOFTWARE Hi-Lites ,and how to apply them, refer to the Hi-Lites help topic.

Increase Bar Spacing

Increasing Bar Spacing will effectively Zoom-In on the selected chart data, showing greater detail while displaying a smaller time range.

Select a chart and click the expand button butn_showspreadays.gif to increase the bar spacing of the selected chart.

Decrease Bar Spacing

Decreasing Bar Spacing will effectively Zoom-Out from the current chart display, showing greater price data while displaying a larger time range.

Select a chart and click the compress button butn_showscrunchdays.gif to decrease the bar spacing of the selected chart.


Single left-mouse click on the Headline to view it in the News Article window of the News work page.

The work page also includes a list of other Breaking News and a Search News facility containing search and news filter tools.

For more information, go to the Headline News help topic.

Split Screen Action Menu

The split screen Function Bar has an Action Menu which is slightly different from the Chart Pages Action Menu:


Save Split Screen

Click the Save Split Screen command and you will be prompted to enter a name for the chart, or the system will generate a name for it.

Add Indicator

To add indicators, click on the Action button. The drop-down menu includes the Add Indicators command, click it to open the floating Indicators palette.

Click on the required indicator and click OK. The properties window will appear, allowing you to customize the properties of the indicator selected. Make any required adjustments and then click OK. The indicator will now appear on the selected chart.

Actions for "Symbol"

When a chart is selected, this command will be activated for the series' symbol.

These commands open dialog boxes providing price and system data about the chart's underlying symbol.

Price Data

Click on the Price Data button in the to view price data for a selected chart in the split screen function.

For more information, go to the Price Data help topic.

Fundamental Data

Single left mouse click to open the Single Stock Analysis work page containing various Fundamental analysis tabbed pages for the chart's symbol.

For more information, go to the Fundamental Data's Single Stock Analysis work page help topic.


Click on the Information button in the to view system data for a selected chart in the split screen function.

For more information, go to the Detailed Symbol Information help topic.


The printing functionality generally follows the process described in the Printing help topic in the Shared Utilities area.

However, you can choose to print single charts, or all the charts as they appear in the work area.

Print Selected Chart

Prints only the chart that is currently selected, it will have a blue border.

Print Preview Selected Chart

Show a preview of the single selected chart.

Print Split Screens

This command will print all of the charts currently appearing in the split screen page along with all indicators, drawing tools, etc. that you have applied.

Print Preview Split Screen

Click this command to show a preview of what will be printed.


There are print commands on the toolbar of the preview page.

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